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Come Gliding

No need for a licence,
No need for expensive equipment,
No need for excessive club fees,
No need to buy your own glider,
No need to worry about age (minimum 15, no upper limit).

You'll soon discover that flying gliders is easier than you thought and a lot of fun. Apart from the sheer thrill of three-dimensional motion, there is the spectacle of aerial tourism, the quiet challenge of motorless flight and, for those interested, there are also the more technical aspects, such as: meteorology, aerodynamics, engineering, photography or computing. While world-standard competitions and friendly regattas provide entertaining highlights in the soaring season (summer), one should remember that gliding is an all-year-round sport, offering the opportunity for a pleasant mix with some other interest. Gliding also provides a new social environment with indoor and outdoor activities, a host of new friends and involvement for the whole family. In summary, gliding covers a wide range of interests and ambitions for the young and the not so young.

All training is done in fully dual-controlled two-seaters by qualified instructors.

You too can explore the skies in a sailplane... it's for anyone... of any age... it's fun... relaxing... exhilarating... challenging... it's all year round... and it's an affordable way to fly!

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The Bacchus Marsh airfield is situated on the Bacchus Marsh - Geelong Road, about 8 kilometres south of the Bacchus Marsh township.  It is a:-

  • 50 minute drive from Melbourne along the Western Highway.
  • 40 minute drive from Ballarat along the Western Highway.
  • 30 minute drive from Geelong along the Bacchus Marsh - Geelong Road.


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