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The main hangar was built by the resident gliding clubs in the 1960s and is situated on the airfield.  It presently houses nine aircraft, three from each club.
The Beaufort Gliding Club hangar is located on land owned by the three resident gliding clubs, just outside the aerodrome boundary.  It  comprises three bays, each of which holds four gliders.  A simple track arrangement enables gliders to be pushed in and out sideways at each end by only one person.  Ten of the twelve places are leased from the Club by private owners.
Another hangar complex, located on gliding club land, is owned by the Geelong Gliding Club and Victorian Motorless Flight Group and houses approximately 20 gliders.  Access is by a number of sliding doors along the two long sides of this hangar.  Gliders are pushed in backwards from each side.


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