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Bacchus Marsh Airfield

Bacchus Marsh Airfield is is a former military and government airfield that has two sealed cross strips, each in excess of 5,000 feet in length, with wide grass verges on either side. The gliding clubs conduct a combined operation launching from the grass verges while the local power school operates simultaneously from the sealed runways.

Due to its close proximity to Melbourne, soaring at the site operates under controlled airspace to a ceiling of 4,500 feet AMSL immediately over the airfield. The lower limit of controlled airspace rises to 7,500 feet AMSL approximately 20 kilometres to the west and progressively increases in steps thereafter to 20,000 ft. Some 25 Kilometres to the south sees the ceiling step up to 20,000 feet AMSL. Operations to the east are limited by decreasing ceiling and residential developments. Operations to the immediate north are restricted by a combination of the mountain ranges and air traffic ceilings but these can be skirted by flying a little to the west first.

The site offers a variety of soaring conditions but thermal conditions predominate most of the year. Cross country flying occurs from September to April and flights of over 750km have been flown from Bacchus Marsh. Occasional sea breeze fronts move in from the south-east late in the day, which usually weakens the thermal lift, but good soaring can be achieved flying the front of the sea breeze. During winter the higher terrain to the north and north west can lead to the development of wave and ridge lift.

The Airfield is owned by the Shire of Moorabool but is operated by Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome Management Inc, which comprises representatives of the Shire, the three resident gliding clubs, and the power flying school.

Airfield Information

The following information is intended for use by experienced and properly qualified pilots and operators who are thoroughly familiar with the applicable provisions of the Civil Aviation Act, Regulations and Orders as those provisions relate to operation of aircraft at, and in the vicinity of, an Airfield.  Pilots should consult the current ERSA for the most up-to-date information.

Aifield Diagram



UTC+10      VAR 11 DEG E      ELEV 520

S37°44.0'    E144°25.3'             WAC 3469, 3470

AD OPR: Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome Management Inc, PO Box 375, Bacchus Marsh, VIC 3340. Phone 03 5369 5145, FAX 03 9431 4175, ARO 03 9439 8947. HR 2300–0700.


FIA      Melbourne Radar      135.7      On Ground

118.8 - 5NM RAD, SFC – LL of overlying Class C airspace

Bacchus Marsh School of Aviation. 2230–0700 – by arrangement – Phone 03 5369 5162.  AVGAS. Cash and cheque only

  1. Gliding OPS HJ – Aerotow and winch launched. Gliders and tugs normally operate inside and below standard 1000FT circuit. All circuits left–hand.  Unforeseen circumstances may occasionally force a glider to fly a right-hand circuit.
  2. Gliders and tugs operating from right hand side of RWY short of displaced THR.  Other ACFT must not make low/shallow approaches and must land beyond displaced THR.
  3. When gliding OPS in progress the duty RWY is the RWY in use by the gliding operation. All TKOFs to commence from the displaced THR.
  4. If wind is BLW 5KT and VRBL, RWY 19 or 27 must be used by all ACFT.
  5. Powered ACFT may hold on the movement area to the left of the RWY, if necessary, and taxi via the RWS.
  6. When inbound it is suggested ACFT track via and call on the CTAF at one of the following points – Melton Reservoir, Merrimu Reservoir, Pykes Creek Reservoir or Mt. Anakie.

PPR all ACFT. Phone 03 5369 5145, HR 2230–0700.

AD Charges All ACFT – FAX 03 5369 5145 for charges and conditions of use.


CAUTION: Occasional winch launching with wires to 3,000 feet AGL.  When winch launching is being conducted it is recommended you not use the non-operational strip as wires may lay across the runway intersection.


Airfield Conditions of Entry

  • All visitors must comply with any instructions given by a member of one of the constituent clubs.
  • Visitors must remain clear of runways at all times unless accompanied by a member of one of the constituent clubs.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • Photography is permitted on the airfield, however stay off the runways at all times.
  • Children must be accompanied by adults.
  • Vehicles must use the roadways. You must not drive on runways or across the grass areas.
  • The speed limit is 20 KPH on all airfield roadways.


  • Toilets are available at the clubhouse.
  • Parking is available outside the clubhouse and next to the launch points.


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