20 October 2010

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Ole's message was this:
As discussed, attached are some images of the tail end installation for the Tost cable release system as we have installed it. This is in accordance with the Tost installation manual. When viewing images please bear in mind that there are still skins and doublers etc. to be fitted and that the installation must be accessible for inspection / repair etc.
Best Regards
Ole Hartmann
Managing Director
Australian Aircraft Kits
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Gday Peter
We have delivered our Hornet kit to Gordons house in Melton. Steve Jinks and I left last Friday spending the night in Raymond Terrace after a 13 hour drive.
We arrived in Taree Saturday morning and were most impressed by the amount of work already carried out by Ole which was far in excess of what we had agreed.
Ole remarked to Steve that there is very little profit if at all in this Hornet for him. It clearly demonstrates how much behind this project is he.
Spending 4 hours packing everything to Steves and my own satisfaction, we left Taree about 2.30pm for the drive back home.
After a 5 hour drive we stopped in Mittagong for the night.
This left us an easy 8 hour drive to Melton which we made just before 6pm.
The car we used for the trip was from a mate at work; Lou really made the trip easy. The VW Toureg towed the trailer as if it wasnÂ’t there.
Steve insisted I purchase a small thank you gift for my mate Lou who supplied the car.
Here is an account for our expenses for the trip:

  • 1 night accommodation Raymond Terrace 15/10/10, $120.00
  • 1 night accommodation Mittagong 16/10/10, $110.00
  • Gift for Lou re use of car, $54.00
  • M7 toll way (2 trips @ $6.80), $13.60
  • Trailer plug for Janus trailer $8.00
Total expenses for trip: $305.60

For info we travelled just on 2500kms and used $391.00 worth of diesel of which we paid $0.00 for. Our travelling time would be close to 28 hours in the car.
The weather last Friday was some of the worst I have seen in a long time. The Hume was closed in a couple places later Friday evening;
in hindsight we were lucky to get thru. We also had to divert for a serious truck accident at Longwood near Euroa.
Because Gordon and I arranged to have the Janus trailer axle repaired, one of the tires will need replacing as it is badly scrubbed on the inside shoulder.
This was like this before we left caused by the previous bent axle. It will need replacing with another light truck tyre before the trailer goes away again.
I found the trip enjoyable and had a great time with Steve. I am very impressed with our Hornet kit,
Regards Jack

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Below are a list of names of people who have assisted us during the Hornet build project by with assistance during transport, providing tooling or their time:
  • Lou Carlini
  • Roger Druce
  • Dave Robbins
  • Gordon Pope
  • Alex Kreti
  • Rob Benton
  • Chris Trewern
  • Peter Champness
  • Malcolm Crampton
  • Steve Jinks
  • Jim Henkel
  • >
Build Team:
  • Gordon Pope
  • Peter Buskens
  • Jack Hart

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