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Preparing for a flight in the Standard Cirrus.

Zephyrus after landing at Bacchus Marsh.

Rear seat pilot of the DG-500M.

Photograph of the Twin Astir that made the front page of "The Murray Pioneer" newspaper (Renmark SA), 19 January 1996.

Running-up the motor on the DG-500M.

DG-500M over Bendigo.

Returning from a cross-country flight in the ES-60 Boomerang.

DG-500M and pilot.

Ready for Launch in the Cirrus 75.

Getting ready for flight in the Twin Astir.

Nimbus 2 over Bendigo.

The Twin Astir on tow behind a Super Cub.

Above the clouds in the Twin Astir.

Take-off in the Diamant 18.

Return to Benalla from cross-country in the DG-500M.

Zephyrus and the Twin Astir in flight over Bacchus Marsh.

Getting ready for a 325km flight in Zephyrus, Corowa 1989.

Waiting for the co-pilot on the launch grid in Zephyrus.

De-rigging Zephyrus.

Zephyrus in flight over Bacchus Marsh.

Front cover of the May 1988 edition of "Australian Gliding".

The M-200 Foehn two-seat training glider.

Boomerang at the front of the launch grid for Horsham Week, 2002.

Beaufort Gliding Club gliders on the launch grid at Horsham Week, 2002.

Preparing for a competition launch in the DG-505.

Getting ready for a competition launch in the Astir.

Preparing the DG-500 for a competition launch.

Australian Two-Seat Class Champions - 1995.

Winch launching a Salto at Bendigo Gliding Club's old strip at Woodvale.

Promotional photograph for the Australian Sports Class Nationals 1995 taken by the Albury Border Mail newspaper.

The Beaufort Gliding Club Phoenix at Berwick in 1948.

The Golden Eagle, which first flew in 1937 and is still flying, was operated by the Beaufort Gliding Club in the 1960s and 1970s.

Cockpit of the Phoenix (1948)

Rigging the Phoenix (1948)

The Phoenix being launched by winch (1948)

Assembling the elevator on Phoenix (1948)

Zephyrus on her first outlanding (1967)

Retrieving Zephyrus (1967)

One Zephyrus wing is complete and ready for covering (early 1950s)

Constructing the Zephyrus fuselage. The wings have already been completed. (late 1950s).

Another view of the Zephyrus fuselage under construction.

Zephyrus in wave over Bacchus Marsh - 30 April 2005

Zephyrus in wave over Bacchus Marsh - 30 April 2005

Zephyrus in wave over Bacchus Marsh - 30 April 2005


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